Adddate:2016-03-11 10:12:29

PITTCON 2016 analytical chemistry and spectrum application exhibition was hold in the United States of Atalanta Georgia world conference center officially(March 7-10st,2016). As the world's largest and influential analytical chemistry , laboratory analysis and scientific exhibition , has attracted exhibitors from 28 countries worldwide .


As an important factor in the development of the domestic laboratory instruments,Shanghai Metash Instruments Co.,Ltd was invited to participate in the exhibition.

In recent years, with the expansion of overseas business, metash’s pruducts have been sold to many countries,and has been highly praised by foreign customers. In the past “PCEM 2016,Shanghai”, the buyer who come form aboard have made  reservation on site,and said:”Metash’s products is reliable”. This is not only the customer’s recognition, but also in terms of technical level and price/perfomance ratio has reached the international standard,despite “made in china”.

Metash will continue to make contribution to the development of the national instruments industry.