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Product Name: MWD-700

Product Model:

Product Introduction:


1. Vent and Self-reseal digestion vessel: self vent and reseal structure with patented law ensures that vessels will release pressure and instantly reseal when a sudden over-pressurization occurs. This prevents waste of batch samples and solutions, and also avoids sample vessel damage.

2. Temperature-pressure monitoring/protection system: Advanced contactless temperature control technology which measures real temperature of solution in each digestion vessel. Meanwhile, it adopts multi-fiber to monitor pressure in a contactless way. This realizes isolation between temperature and pressure control system, avoids cross-contamination of all samples and also ensures temperature and pressure monitor and control for each every vessel. All temperature and pressure data are displayed in real time during the microwave run, allowing a visual check of digestion conditions. It prevents over-pressurization and over-heating.

3. Large storage capacity: can edit and store 255 programs according to users requirements and each method program can set parameters(temperature, pressure, time, microwave power) according to their own requirements which provides convenient operation for users.

4. Multi safety protection functions: high strength double security door, temperature monitoring, high temperature prevention, pressure monitoring, high pressure prevention, instruments abnormal sound monitoring.

5. Power and power regulation mode: using variable frequency resonance or non-pulse(optional) continues rotating mode to ensure high efficient and even microwave throughput. Users can adjust it according to users requirement between 0~3000W.


  pressure control                 18 vessels 
  temperature control 18 vessels 
  vessel volume 100 ml 
  pressure testing  contactless 
  temperature testing  No-contact 
  vessel material
 inner:imported TFM
 outer:imported PEEK+glass fiber 
  display 8''inch touch screen external 
  pressure control range 0-10MPA 
  maximum working pressure 6 MPA 
  pressure control accuracy 0.01MPA 
  temperature control range 50~400℃ 
  power AC 220V,16A,50/60HZ 
  dimension 640*630*590mm 
  maximum working temperature 250℃ 
  temperature control accuracy  ±0.3℃ 
  inner vessel temperature limit   300℃ 
  microwave frequency                        2450HZ 
  rotation mode  360 continuous rotation 
  microwave leak  <5mw/cm2 
  microwave power    0-3000W adjustable/0-2000W adjustable