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Product Name: MWD-600 

Product Model:

Product Introduction:

         MWD-600 is a new developed microwave digestion system with all vessels temperature and pressure control. With IR temperature measurement method, our digestion system can realize real-time temperature monitoring of each individual sample. With special mechanic design, the consumable free microwave digestion system is of safety and friendly operation and durability.   



■ External lid locking design: make sure if there is any abnormal circumstances, it can cut off the power supply in a quick, timely and effective way, which improves user’s ease of handling.

Color touch-screen display: 7 inch LCD touch-screen display to show real-time temperature, pressure, time and curves. It also contains a real time display for pressure and temperature of each individual vessel to give a clear check of digestion processing.

Large storage capacity: can edit and store 255 programs according to user’s requirements and each method program can set 10 digestion steps. Users can set parameters (temperature、pressure、time、microwave power) according to their own requirements which provides convenient operation for users.

Power and power regulation mode: using variable frequency resonance or non-pulse (optional) continues microwave intelligent control mode, microwave output is highly efficient. Users can adjust it according to users’ requirement between 0~1500w.

Digestion vessel material: imported TFM material for inner vessel, imported PEEK and glass fiber for outer protection vessel,which prevents high temperature, high pressure and corrosion, and assures safe operation.

360 °continuous rotator: Realize continuous rotation in the same direction in cavity to ensure even and complete digestion of different vessel. The 360°continuous rotating reduces impact on rotary motor, which greatly extends the service life of rotary motor.

Temperature-pressure dual monitoring/protection system: Advanced contactless infrared temperature measurement technology which measures the real temperature of the solution in each digestion vessel, and using multi fiber contactless high precise pressure scanning measurement system. This isolates sample and temperature-pressure protecting and monitoring system to avoid cross contamination among samples, and also realize monitoring for each sample digestion vessel. Meanwhile, the instruments have special protection for over-pressure and temperature.

Vent and Self-reseal digestion vessel: self vent and reseal structure with patented law ensures that vessels will release pressure and instantly reseal when a sudden over-pressurization occurs. This prevents waste of batch samples and solutions, and also avoids sample vessel damage.



Welcome interface

Function selection

Working interface


Technical specification



 Pressure Control

 10 vessels

 Temperature Control

 10 vessels

 Vessel Volume


 Pressure Measurement


 Temperature Measurement


 Vessel Material

 Inner vessel : imported TFM

 Outer vessel: imported PEEK+glass   fiber 


 External 7”inches touch screen

 Pressure control range


 Maximum working pressure


 Pressure control accuracy


 Outer vessel pressure limit


 Temperature control  Range


 Maximum working pressure


 Temperature control accuracy


 Inner vessel temperature limit


 Microwave power


 Microwave Frequency


 Rotation Mode

 360 continuous rotation

 Microwave leak



 AC 220V, 10A,50/60HZ